For the development of fetal cardiology and the advancement of fetal perinatal care Japanese Society of Fetal Cardiology

Japanese Society of Fetal Cardiology(JSFC)

Japanese Society of Fetal Cardiology(JSFC) is established in 1994 to promote clinical and social activities in the scientific field of fetal circulatory organ system.
To achieve these objectives, the JSFC holds annual intra-national scientific meeting and organizes several committees about science, education, fetal cardiac intervention, public relation and database.

The JSFC has been the leading in fetal cardiology in Japan with more than 800 members including pediatric cardiologists, neonatologists, obstetricians, echo technicians and nurses.
The JSFC published the official guideline for fetal cardiac scan in Japan which has already been translated into English and can be referred to online.

The guideline is available on line, here.

We are welcome to enquiry about our activities including scientific meeting, guideline and research from all over the world.